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What is a PLA?

A Project Labor Agreement (PLA), also known as a Community Workforce Agreement, is an agreement between a building owner or a municipality and a building trades council. The agreement specifies wages, work conditions, and hiring goals for construction projects. Having a PLA for Connecticut building projects adds many advantages including providing consistency for your budget, skilled workforce needs, and meeting timelines. PLAs are commonly used for school construction, new developments, and partnerships with public entities.

In Connecticut, you don’t have to look far to see PLA projects that were built on-budget and on-time using local workers. Here are a few:

UConn’s Rentschler Field Stadium

UConn University School of Business

The UConn Dempsey Hospital 

The new Jackson Laboratory facility (shown below)



Here are six excellent reasons why you should pick a PLA for your project:

1. Hiring Local Workers

2. On-Budget Results

3. Finishing On-Time

4. Using Skilled Labor Equals Top Quality Workmanship

5. Everyone Can Bid

6. Minority and Veteran Employment

For more details of how PLA's have helped build some of Connecticut's most exciting projects, while keeping work local and at fair wages, please visit this site.